From kitchen table to factory and back again

Four friends, a drawing book and a dream. That is how the design process started.

Months later and countless hours designing along the way we were finally satisfied. We created the picture-perfect blend between the classic pocket watch and a modern wristwatch. It felt like we had reached the top of Mount Everest, yet it was only the start of our adventure. Because, how does a kitchen table drawing turn into a high quality and sustainable product?

It was a challenge to find an experienced and trustworthy factory that was willing to create a non-mainstream watch. We are very happy to have found a trustworthy partner in Mecano. Watch who saw SavUnette’s potential and decided to embark on the adventure. In close collaboration we designed a unique mold in which the SavUnette is cast. Countless late nights and very early morning calls ahead, the first prototypes arrived on our doormat. We feel obliged to say that Mecano delivered upon their promise as they turned our kitchen table drawing into a high quality and sustainable product.

‘SavUnette combines the best of both worlds, the class of the original pocket watch and the practicality of the wrist watch’

– The SavUnette Team –