A wrist watch inspired by the class & simplicity of the original pocket watch

The story of SavUnette

Our dream was to create a wrist watch that gently incorporates the elegance and style of the late pocket watch (1750 – 1914) into a modern minimalistic design.


Friday night

Our story starts like many stories. Stories that you might come across on a weekly basis. Yet, did you ever hear such a story resulting in a watch brand?

Friday night, a small gathering of only best friends, drinks in abundance. Clearly life is good. At least, more than enough reason to be happy and satisfied. However, in the back of our minds there is always this unrest. Could we not do something more fun with our professional lives? And, most apparent, would it be possible to do so with each other? Perhaps a shared passion?

It was loud and clear. Watches. We were about to launch a start-up on the basis of our combined passion for watches.

In order to capture a position in this highly saturated market, we had to design a quality product that did not yet exist and would stand out. 

This makes SavUnette our dream, our present, our future and hopefully our legacy.

The late pocket watch

Our dream was to create a wrist watch that gently incorporates the elegance and style of the late pocket watch (1750 – 1914) into a modern minimalistic design.
This dream came forth from us being intrigued by watches and their rich history. Besides, the right watch completes one’s appearance. Reason enough to spend countless hours designing, exploring and fine-tuning our classic SavUnette.

Interested in how the design process went? Check our story from kitchen table to factory and back again.


Pocket watches were commonly regarded as being one of two types, the Lepine or the Savonette. 

The Savonette was rather distinctive as the crown is typically placed at 3 and the seconds subdial at 6. These features ensure resemblance to most wristwatches we see today but made it stand out in its own era.

By recreating the characteristics we have come to love from Savonette and transforming them into a classic wristwatch, we aim to create a new standout Savonette in the 21st century. To honor the cradle of inspiration we have decided to anchor on the name Savonette within our brand. However, since we are four young entrepreneurs from Utrecht, and proud of it, we could not resist incorporating its most beautiful letter: the capital U. As a result, SavUnette was born.

Watches with a message - Tempori Parce

You might have noticed the phrase ‘Tempori Parce’ on our watches. This Latin phrase means ‘Save time’. In today’s fast society everyone is always short on time. It does not matter where one is from, whether your are wealthy or poor, young or experienced life: everyone’s day consists of the same amount of time. The way one utilizes this time differentiates them from the rest. Hence, time is one of the most valuable things in the world. Taking time to value what has been and what is yet to come is the message we want carry out.

‘SavUnette combines the best of both worlds: The class of the original pocket watch and the practicality of the modern wrist watch’

– The SavUnette Team –