Quality and choice of materials go hand in hand. Since SavUnette is all about excellence in look and performance, only the best materials are used. In order to deliver upon this promise we use stainless steel, genuine leather and as cherry on top, all SavUnette watches are equipped with Sapphire glass, which is generally only applied to watches in the highest price segment.

We guarantee that as long as you do not use a hammer, your SavUnette will never show any scratches. 


A main pillar in our design is modularity which is an important prerequisite for a circular economy. The different part of our clocks can be disassembled and individually replaced by using a small screwdriver. Perhaps the most evident part of our modular design is the wristband. It can easily be replaced in case of any inconvenience or style preferences.

Supply chain

Thorough investigation was performed on the production factory. Mecano Watch showed transparency on the production process and notified us on any uncertainties. Modularity, which they liked in our designs, is one of their factory drivers. 

A better world

Since it is impossible to create 100% transparency on our supply chain, we have decided to dedicate 10% of our profit to charity. In this way we aim to compensate for any unknown flaws in the supply chain and contribute to a better world. The instituion of out choice is United Cubs

United Cubs is dedicated to organizing youth sport events in developing countries as well as to helping improve local sports facilities. Read more on

‘SavUnette combines the best of both worlds, the class of the original pocket watch and the practicality of the wrist watch’

– The SavUnette Team –